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(S)Hell - New T-Shirts + Be A Cynical Valentine

  • Posted by RedMolotov
  • Posted on 4th February 2023
(S)Hell - New T-Shirts + Be A Cynical Valentine

A very easy company to hate with 32.2 billion new reasons to hate them, that'll be (S)Hell - selling stuff they dig out of the ground to you at a grossly offensive margin and destroying the planet while they do it. So, give (S)Hell the middle finger with our new design based on what their logo should actually be.
Elsewhere, it's that day in a couple of weeks... you know, that one where you are actively encouraged to make overblown affirmations of affection. Well, you could do that of course, or you could settle for one of our sightly more cynical takes on Valentine's.
Finally, we're running another offer all this week: you can Buy One, Get One FREE on our small but perfectly formed range of leggings*. Just add two or more to your basket and we'll take care of the rest!

*Offer valid until midnight (UK time) on 12 February 2023. No cash alternative offered. Both leggings must be returned to quality for a refund.