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Pedantry, Wokerati & Bevan: What's Popular @ RedMolotov

  • Posted by RedMolotov
  • Posted on 19th February 2023
Pedantry, Wokerati & Bevan: What's Popular @ RedMolotov

A very happy Sunday to you and here's a selection of our current most popular products. Lots of people are choosing the line-up of their favourite band (or, indeed, the line-up of anything they like!), whilst we are pleased to note that we still have plenty of Wokerati, pedants, Bevanites, and government cynics amongst those browsing our wears. We have some new Scottish-themed designs out this week too, you can still buy one and get one free on our exclusive leggings, plus thousands of more unique, original, and clever t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, hats, and political and film inspired football shirts all only on our site!