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Please Behave Like Animals

  • Posted by RedMolotov
  • Posted on 24th July 2021
Please Behave Like Animals

On the beach and in the sea, in the forest, on the mountains, by lakes, rivers and streams, in country parks and hiking routes, animals don't leave rubbish. Humans do. Don't behave like humans. Please behave like animals.
We have nine new t-shirt designs out this weekend, including a quote from Robert Swan - first man to walk to both poles - "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it", a eulogy to the magic of books, a warning from Ray Bradbury on the dangers of a society that doesn't read, and a souvenir from a small town in Idaho. Elsewhere we channel Lord of the Rings, retro TV information services, the origins of Billy Connolly, and dogs. Lots of dogs.