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Cummings Opticians: Est. Barnard Castle 2020

  • Posted by RedMolotov
  • Posted on 30th May 2020
Cummings Opticians: Est. Barnard Castle 2020

Clearly touching a nerve last weekend with our Dominic Cummings: The Lockdown Tour t-shirt (which has become one of our fastest-selling designs ever), we have another three satirical offerings our this weekend referencing the story that simply will not go away. We have the Durham opticians established in Barnard Castle in 2020 (or, possibly, on the drive on the way there). The eye-test that all self-respecting SPADs should take when their eyesight is failing them. And what will forever be henceforth known as the "Cummings get-out": Whatever you are doing wrong, if you can justify it by simply following your instincts "as any reasonable person would", then you are clearly justified in doing whatever you happen to be doing.

We round up our new quartet with a t-shirt perfect for the hacking smoker forced back onto public transport in the middle of a pandemic: Don't panic; smoker's cough.

Stay healthy and stay safe, everyone.