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"Straight Outta' Caxton" is not a phrase that the legendary William Caxton would have uttered in 1476 when he set up the first printing press in England, 500 years before rap and hip-hop seeped from the underbelly of New York and into the public consciousness. Yet had the great man been around today, he would have surely have allowed himself a wry smile upon hearing Caxton Press, a new hip-hop group named after his innovation.

The original Caxton Press printed over 100 books under the stewardship of Caxton, including Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales", a collection of truthful and satirical tales of life in the towns, hamlets and pubs of England. Picking up this mantle of truth and ignoring the status quo and themes of contemporary hip-hop, Caxton Press have spent a year tweaking their debut album, in pursuit of the truth that is buried deep underneath the murky haze of modern life. The album title is taken from Walter Lipman's quote "There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and to shame the devil remain detached from the great", which should further the belief that this is no ordinary group.