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Typographic Fossil T-Shirt. For best effect, view from a distance, we present a typographic ammonite, made up of Natural... HOVER OVER IMAGE ABOVE TO ZOOM
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Typographic Fossil T-Shirt: For best effect, view from a distance, we present a typographic ammonite, made up of Natural History terms, and prominent figures. The full list: Alkaline. Ammonite. David Attenborough. Amphibian. Aplite. Ash. Louis Agassiz. Atrypa. Blue Whale. Botany. Bivalves. Bryozoa. Biology. Chalk. Georges Cuvier. Cretaceous. Cochleariform. Charles Darwin. Devonian. Diorite. Dinosaur. Evolution. Epidermis. Endemic. Eoraptor. Funicle. Fossil. Fungi. Formation. Fissure. Gastropods. Geology. Glacier. Granite. Asa Gray. Alexander von Humboldt. Huronian. Glaciation. Hubble. Robert Hooke. Invertebrate. Igneous. Indigenous. Insect. Iguanodon. Jaxartosaurus. Jellyfish. Jasmine. Jurassic. Juniper. Kernel. Kangaroo. Keel. Kotasaurus. Georges-Louis Leclerc. Leopard. Richard Lydekker. Charles Lyell. Lucy. Meteorite. Mammal. Mollusc. Moth. Manatee. Mesquite. Mineral. Neaderthal. Naturalist. Narwhal. Neolithic. Nature. Nodosaurus. Octopus. Richard Owen. Okapi. Ornithology. Oblanceolate. Henry Fairfield Osborn. Ordovician. Orogeny. Pliny the Elder. Photosynthesis. Paleozoic. Pericycle. Protoceratops. Platypus. Quokka. Quartz. Queen Anne's Lace. Quarry. Quarternary. Quercitron. Quaesitosaurus. Roundworm. Walter Rothschild. Rose. Reptile. Roe. Rhyacian. Rhinoceros. Rye. Silverfish. Snail. Skull. Sandstone. Species. Silurian. Science. Spinosaurus. Saffron. Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tarn. Travertine. Triceratops. Taxonomy. Triassic. Ungulate. Unciform. Universe. Utricle. Volcano. Valerian. Viridiplantae. Velociraptor. Viburnum. Vasculum. Venation. Wintering. Alfred Russel Wallace. Weathering. Willow. Xylem. Xerini. Xenolith. Xerophyte. Xerinae. Xanthareel. Xeme. Yak. Yolk Sac. Yarrow. Zoril. Zygote. Zebrafish. Zebu.

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