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Commodore Red 100% Recycled Men's T-Shirt. 1980s computer chic. Whether you had an Amiga or the classic 64, chances... HOVER OVER IMAGE ABOVE OR CLICK BELOW TO ZOOM
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This ground-breaking t-shirt is made from 100% recycled materials and are, to our knowledge, the first commercially produced t-shirts made from recycled cotton. The fabrics are produced in India from 60% recycled organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester. The cotton waste from normal production is saved (“salvaged”) and shredded until broken into individual fibres. These are then blended with locally recycled polyester and spun into yarn. The knitting, dying and manufacturing are carried out in established facilities in Tamil Nadu, renowned for high ethical labour standards and low environmental impact. These products are certified under the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) and the Organic Content Standard (OCS), and carry the appropriate certification marks, licensed by the Control Union Certifications.
Size: Details: Height: Width: Weight:
Small To Fit Chest 37-38" (95cm) - - 200g
Medium To Fit Chest 39-40" (100cm) - - 220g
Large To Fit Chest 41-42" (105cm) - - 240g
Extra Large To Fit Chest 43-44" (110cm) - - 260g
XXL To Fit Chest 45-46" (116cm) - - 290g
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Men's T-Shirts (from £14.99):
Commodore Black Men's T-Shirt Commodore Navy Blue Men's T-Shirt Commodore Forest Green/Khaki Men's T-Shirt Commodore Red Men's T-Shirt Commodore Brown/Hazelnut Men's T-Shirt Commodore Racing Green Men's T-Shirt Commodore Eggplant/Purple Men's T-Shirt Commodore Charcoal Grey Men's T-Shirt Commodore Royal Blue Men's T-Shirt Commodore Melange Grey/Ash Men's T-Shirt Commodore Sky Blue Men's T-Shirt Commodore White Men's T-Shirt Commodore Linen/Natural Men's T-Shirt Commodore Yellow Men's T-Shirt Commodore V-Neck Black Men's T-Shirt
100% Recycled T-Shirts (from £19.99):
Commodore Black 100% Recycled Men's T-Shirt Commodore Red 100% Recycled Men's T-Shirt Commodore Heather Grey 100% Recycled Men's T-Shirt
Women's T-Shirts (from £14.99):
Commodore Black Women's T-Shirt Commodore Navy Blue Women's T-Shirt Commodore Olive Women's T-Shirt Commodore Red Women's T-Shirt Commodore White Women's T-Shirt Commodore V-Neck Black Women's T-Shirt Commodore V-Neck White Women's T-Shirt
Long-Sleeved T-Shirts (from £19.99):
Commodore Black Long-Sleeved Men's T-Shirt Commodore Navy Blue Long-Sleeved Men's T-Shirt Commodore White Long-Sleeved Men's T-Shirt
Hooded-Tops (from £24.99):
Commodore Black Hooded-Top Commodore Navy Blue Hooded-Top
Sweatshirts (from £24.99):
Commodore Ash Sweatshirt Commodore Black Sweatshirt Commodore Red Sweatshirt
Kids' T-Shirts (from £9.99):
Commodore Black Kids' T-Shirt Commodore Navy Blue Kids' T-Shirt Commodore Red Kids' T-Shirt Commodore Racing Green Kids' T-Shirt Commodore Royal Blue Kids' T-Shirt Commodore White Kids' T-Shirt

Commodore Red 100% Recycled Men's T-Shirt: 1980s computer chic. Whether you had an Amiga or the classic 64, chances are any modern-day geek grew up learning their trade using a Commodore computer.

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