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I'm Tellin' Y'all, It's Sabotage!

  • Posted by RedMolotov
  • Posted on 23rd May 2020
I'm Tellin' Y'all, It's Sabotage!

Our new t-shirts this weekend are an eclectic lot, headed up by everyone's favourite hip-hop/70's cop show parody music video. We're talking Cochese, Bobby, "The Rookie", et al punching suspects and driving through cardboard boxes in Sabotage!

Staying on the musical theme, we have odes to both Woody Guthrie and house music (all night long), while we also trip the psychedelic with some mind-bending circles. Our final pair feature a couple of quotes: Jock Stein on the integral ingredient of football; the fans, and the Dalai Lama on the importance of listening over talking. Hope you love them, but even if not there's several thousand more where they came from. Stay safe!