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Beautiful Game: Ugly Business - New World Cup T-Shirts

  • Posted by RedMolotov
  • Posted on 12th November 2022
Beautiful Game: Ugly Business - New World Cup T-Shirts

It's that time that comes round ever four years: the country most adept at bribery and corruption gets to sportswash their international reputation by hosting a tournament involving lots of men falling over theatrically whilst trying to kick a bit of leather between two sticks. We realise that to some what is going on in Qatar over the next few weeks is a joyful celebration of the world's most popular sport, whilst others are deeply troubled by the very fact that such a regime is hosting a football World Cup at all. We've tried to keep things both celebratory and suitably cynical with our five new World Cup t-shirts. And, if you want to hark back to less controversial tournaments, we have a variety of retro designs that you also may like.